Sofia Games

inda is the mom of the gorgeous girl Sophia. Sophia reads English literature with you. You have been friends since childhood. You know about Sophia in and through and so does she. Tomorrow is the birthday of Linda. She has planned to celebra Sofia The First Room Cleaning
Hey guys, all you dream to have a room princess life. Now Sofia The First will give the opportunity to arrange your dream room. Switching the wall color, choose the wallpaper right, the recorded bed and closet and organize your entire room a Sofia The First Room Decoration
Sofia and her kitty play outsite but suddenly it rains, let’s help Sofia to wash and dry laundry! Sofia Laundry Time
Sofia The First has nose problems and she must go to the doctor to check her nose.She hopes there is nothing serious and she will be healthy again.Have fun with our girl games. Sofia The First Nose Doctor
Because it is such a beautiful day,Sofia decided to have a picnic. She found a great place,surrounded by grass and flowers,and she brought all the necessary things for a abundant lunch. Help Sofia arrange her blanket and all the tasty food. Sofia The First Picnic
Sofia has walked into your salon in this princess great manicure game and you will need to make sure that she walks out with her nails looking awesome enough to impress anybody. Sofia The First Great Manicure
Welcome to another great game with Sofia the first. Princess Sofia is under a spell from Merlin the castle wizard and now she is old and wrinkled . You need to help her be young and beautiful again by using magic creams made from special pla Sofia Rejuvenation
Princess Sofia the first is ready to look like a true princess. Get it started and dress up your princess or use their clothes and hairstyles to create a new beautiful princess Sofia. Have a great time playing our awesome new dress up game!
Princess Sofia Royal Dress up
Sofia The First loves more than anything else in the world to take care of her garden. Right now she has a few free days and she is asking you to hang out with her in the garden and to help her to plant the flower seeds. She will tell you ev Sofia The First Gardening
Hi Kids, This is the right movement to show your skill? Here is a challenge for your hunting talent to find the hidden numbers in this game. Find all those numbers to store your high score in the leader board. Unlock all the 5 levels and hav Sofia the First Spot the Numbers
Baby Sofia is crying!Now we need a baby-sitter.You have to keep her clean, keep her happy,hand her funny toys and so on.Let's become a good baby-sitter.Have great fun! Baby Sit Sofia
Because the fire man is an very dangerous and job you do not have a lot of time to wash the fire truck. But now, because is full of dirt, you have decided to clean her up. You must use all the cleaning tools in order because that is the only Sofia Firetruck wash
Sophia the First is looking for someone that can help her in this princess makeover game and you will need to try and give her a totally new look that she can be proud of.
Sofia The First Great Makeover
Hi kids! Princess Sofia needs your help. First you must put the clothes into the washing machine, one by one. After that, you must add the detergent and start the machine. After the clothes are washed you must put them to dry.Because after a Princess Sofia ironing
Now you must help this young beautiful girl to get rid of the ugly pimples which had appeared on her face. Because she must go to a wedding your mission is to make her look amazing. To do that, you must follow all steps in order.
Sofia First Makeover
 Although Sofia is a princess that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to work at all! She needs to see how the maids work every day and learn from them because you have to know your people to rule them as a true queen that she will be some da Sofia Washing Dresses
Sofia the First is in trouble once again and this time it’s really bad. She fell over the porch into a bush. Start playing doctor games with her and treat every injury with care. She’s waiting for you at home, go to her and become her pe Heal Sofia The First
Sofia is a cute little princess and the first of her name. She lives in a palace and gets to explore, and that mean she deserves royal treatment; especially when getting her eyes tested! Become her royal eye doctor and put her through eye te Sofia the First Eye Doctor
Find all the hidden letters in these pictures of Sofia and other characters from her show on Disney, Sofia The First. Beat all five levels to beat the game. Every correct find will give you 50 points and every incorrect find will minus 15 po Sofia The First Hidden Letters
Sofia Cake Decoration Sofia Cake Decoration
Create the most mouth watering ice cream of all time for Princess Sofia. Sofia Ice Cream Decoration
Choose between three levels of sliding puzzle: 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5. Put together the picture of Sofia and her friends standing in front of the royal castle from her show on Disney, Sofia The First. Sofia The First Sliding Puzzle
Have fun coloring in your favorite princess, Sofia The First. If you was not sure which colors to use click on the hint button. Have Fun. Disney Princess Sofia Coloring
Dress up one of the new member of Disney princess Sofia The first as gorgeous as you can. Sofia The First
 Try and solve this Disney Princess Sofia Jigsaw Puzzle Game. Hit Shuffle button to start jigsaw puzzle. Princess Sofia Jigsaw Puzzle
 Fun riding game with Sofia, help Sofia the First ride her carriage to the finish line. Sofia Carriage Ride
Help Sophia the first in this new eye doctor game that you will get to play. She is not seeing very well at the moment so use the tools and the instructions to make her better. Sofia The First Eye Doctor‏
Sofia feels terrible after she had a car accident. She has an ugly cut on her face and several bruises. She was rushed to the hospital and you have to perform the surgery that will fix her face cut. Work with extreme care and,while Sofia is Real Surgery Sofia
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