Sofia Nose Intervention

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Pregnant Sofia Mermaid Gogza MakeoverMermaid Sofia is pregnant and she wants to refresh her look.Play this 3 level game and prepare her awesome mermaid makeover. Pregnant Sofia Mermaid Gogza Ma
Halloween party from the kingdom of Enchancia will gather togheter royalty worldwide. Sofia is the center of attention because she's the host and wants her costume to be the most beautiful. Beautiful princess needs your help to choose the perfect outfit. Have a great time with Sofia preparing for Halloween!Sofia Party Halloween Prep
Sofia Party Halloween Prep
Sofia just discovered that she has new talents and wants to become a makeup artist. Today Sofia is going to give a glamorous new look to Amber. Help her give a complete makeup to Amber. Sofia Makeup Artist
Princess Sofia is ready to back to school. But she needs your help for a makeover. Could you give her a makeup and then choose the most cute outfits? Don't forget to add some accessories, too! Have fun! Princess Sofia Back To School
Princess Sofia is starting to prepareto the first day of school. Could you help her, because she might forget something important at home. Help Sofia to find and put in schoolbag all the necessary items. Do not forget about the main items like pencils, books, ruler and lunch box. The first day of school is going to be perfect! Sofia Back To School
Hurry up and give first aid to the Princess Sofia becouse was stung by bees, and now she has rashes all over shes face, and she needs immediate medical care. Use ice to relieve pain, the syringe to clean swelling full with pus, and tweezers to extract bees needles still remaining in in the facial skin. Be a good doctor in this game Princess Sofia Bees Atack! Princess Sofia Bees Sting Docto
Princess Sofia the most charming girl of the country asks a favour from you. Her mom Miranda has asked her to clean the room on her own. She has to go for watering the plants as soon as she is done with the work. She will be able to complete the work swiftly if you work together. She couldn't sleep properly owing to the disorder of it. She will feel content if cleans the messy bedroom. The mom of the princess has requested her not to have ant servant. So that she can manage everything on her own in the future. Be with the princess till she finishes the task. Arrange things as they were once. Put the waste items in the garbage. Give a decent look to the bedroom. The beauty of the room is in thy hands. Proceed with the cleaning of the messy bedroom. Princess Sofia Messy Bedroom Cl
Sofia the first is taking painting lessons and wants to become a faimous artist. Now Sofia wants to practice by painting Amber. This painting is going to be great. Sofia the painter
Poor Sofia managed to get some ugly bruises after she climbed a tree. She has some severe wounds that need medical attention and you need to help her recover. Follow the instructions and use the tools and medicine to make Sofia feel better. Give her some pills for the pain and bandage her bruises. In no time she will feel much better thanks to your help. Sofia The First Tree Accident
Look at our beautiful princess Sofia the First face! It looks terrible. After an awful accident at a princess play ground the loved Sofia suffered serious problems on her face. So she needs urgent treatment from a professional face doctor. It's your job to clean Sofia's face and bring her beauty back! Use all the tools required for the recovery and enjoy a simple and great game. Sofia Facial Skin Doctor
The princesses, Sofia and Amber, have a very important exam and want to prove to everyone that they are very intelligent.The exam consists of math problems, and recognition of cartoon characters. Fi with the lovely princess on the most important test of the year! 
Sofia And Aber At The School
Sofia the beautiful princess that gives you strength and energy is now in trouble. She did not want to listen to her parents so she smelled a really dangerous plant. Her nose is in pain and the problem is that her doctor is missing, so please help her to deal with. 
Sofia Nose Intervention
Join Sofia in a pleasant afternoon at the pool. Start by giving princess Sofia a bath and then enjoy s cool cocktail by the pool. You also can join Sofia swimming and playing with the ball in the pool. Enjoy! Sofia Swimming Pool
Our friend Sofia wants your help to decorate the bottom of the ocean. You can use fish, corals, reefs, jellyfish and much more to decorate it. Have fun with Sofia and her friend Princess Oona. Princess Sofia Merma
practice how to paint with Sofia as the new game will take you into the world of color, where you can let your imagination flow. Use the colors you have and also try to combine as well every shade so you manage to get the better of all levels of difficulty of these games, showing us that you are able to go to finish such a job just around Easter. Sofia Easter Eggs
Sofia is playing with her friend monkey. Suddenly, the monkey jumped on her face. Sofia feels very hurt and her nose is bleeding. She need treatment now. Can you help her and use the doctor tools to heal and clean her nose? Now be a real nose doctor and have fun!
Sofia Nose Bleeding
Princess Sofia the first was happily playing in the backyard with her pets and while playing, one of the pets got trapped among the plants. In trying to rescue the pet, Sofia got very messy with some bruises, leaves, insects, and sticks on her body. Princes Sofia must be made clean and given a makeover to make her look beautiful again. Make Sofia get fresh with a quick shower and give her a spa treatment for her facial skin. And finally, turn Sofia into an elegant princess with careful choice of makeup, accessories and outfits that she looks amazing in her new makeover. Have fun! Messy Sofia Spa Makeover
There are two levels. Find out all the hidden objects in Sofia Princess picture before time runs out. All the Best!!!! Sofia Princess Hidden Alphabets
Sofia Ear Emergency. Sofia Ear Emergency
Today is such a good day! And Sofia The First decided to learn to skate. But she fell, and her injuries looks really bad! She urgently needs your help! Make Sofia feel better and you'll become an awesome paramedic! Sofia Skating Accident