Injured Pou

Pou Halloween Costume Pou Halloween CostumePou is preparing for halloween and he made a nice costume to wear for halloween,he still has some good ideas on how to decorate his costume,Your job is to help him make the best costume for the halloween party.Have fun!
Pou Halloween Slacking Pou Halloween SlackingPlay some games with Pou on boring Halloween night. Make a Jack-O-Lantern, catching the ghost, make a halloween cake etc... Have fun!
Pou Halloween Kissing Pou Halloween KissingThe young Pou couple are going to celebrate Halloween in a romantic mood and want to kiss each other, let’s help them kiss passionately without getting caught by specter as otherwise you will lose a life!
Pou Girl Real Surgery Pou Girl Real SurgeryPou Girl had a terrible car accident and she has bruises and cuts all over her pretty face. She is counting on you to make her look beautiful again, so scrub in and be the best surgeon. Poi Girl is still in shock after the accident, so you s
Pou Girl Makeover Pou Girl MakeoverHi, girls! After some exciting adventures, Pou Girl is ready for a wonderful makeover day that will make her face look fresh and radiant. Let us get started and make Pou Girl really pretty using hydrating masks, apply magical creams for the
Pou Girl Dentist Pou Girl DentistDo you think you could cure her dental issues? Just step in getting the ‘Pot Girl Dentist’ game started and follow some simple steps and you can help her smile again! Start by hydrating her mouth with water and then use a suction pump to
Pou in the Ambulance Pou in the AmbulanceOh no! Pou was rock climbing and he had an accident. His friends called the ambulance and now he is in your care. Use your skills to make Pou better,follow the hints to heal his wounds and when you finish he will be greateful and ready for a
Injured Pou Injured PouPou has a serious situation, he was running in the park and fell on some rocks, and got badly injured. So now he is in the hospital and he needs treatment. You have to take good care of him and make him better. Be very patience and make sure
Pou Great Makeover Pou Great MakeoverPou is in the need of a new look in this Pou great makeover game and you two will surely have a great time trying out outfits and also some hair changes and style changes will be welcomed.
Pou Cooking Pie Pou Cooking PiePou is damn hungry as his guardian is out with his family. Pou knows his favorite Pie recipe and finds his way to kitchen to prepare the same. Give Pou helping hand and enjoy dining his favorite Pie. So what are you waiting for? Tie your apr
Pou Real Haircuts Pou Real HaircutsPou is visiting hair salon for the first time in his life to get a really cool haircut. And the interesting thing is that you will be his hairstylist at the salon. Have fun cutting and coloring Pou’s hair in this hairdresser game!
Pou at the Farm Pou at the FarmPou is really fond of animals, so today he is inviting you at his cute little farm to take care together of animals and have fun. You must plant corn to feed the cow and chicken, so both of them will be really happy and give you milk and egg
Pou Bath And Care Pou Bath And CarePou needs his bath. Help his mother give him a nice and warm bath,do not forget to use his favorite shampoo and toys in the bubbly bath tub. After he is clean dry him up and dress Pou in his favorite clothes. Now he is happy and ready for a
Pou Doctor Pou DoctorOhh! Look at this little Pou, he has wounded himself while playing. Play this game and be his personal doctor. Get him well soon by following the simple instructions of the doctor. Use the equipments as per its purpose. Get little Pou well n
Cover Pou Cover PouPou is playing happily in open air.Suddenly,it is raining dirty rain from the dark cloud.In order to avoid this disaster,we need you to help Pou get out of this crisis.Have fun!
Baby Pou Room Decoration Baby Pou Room Decoration's help the cute Pou decorate his room. Arrange things your want. Make a sweet comfortable room.
Pou Shaving Pou ShavingPou hasn't shaven for himself for such a long time! Look! His beard is so long! Let's take good care of it. Be careful and don't hurt his face!
Pou Real Cooking Pou Real CookingJoin Pou in the amazing art of real cooking! Choose any ingredient you like and then cook your dish to perfection, however you like. Endless options and opportunities, work your way into the kitchen, boil, smash or fry your ingredients in a
Pou Girl Washing Clothes Pou Girl Washing ClothesHi girls, do you want to help Pou Girl wash up her lovely dresses and make them fresh and smell wonderful? Enjoy this wonderful washing clothes game and join Pou Girl in a great cleaning adventure, she surely needs you. Before actually start
Pou Beach Ride Pou Beach Ride It is summer time, and it is time for pou and his friends to go to the beach. With the nice weather, pou and his friend would like to ride their bike around the beach. Help them ride around the beach without falling off from the bike. Colle