Fun Games

Talking Ginger, the cute cat, is here in this kitty dentist game and you will be playing as the doctor. Make sure you will make its smile a really cute one as all the kids love it. Talking Ginger Tooth Problems
Ladies, Dora needs you in the kitchen right away! After the fabulous party organized for her beloved friend Boots, she has been cleaning the house all day long, but needs your help to get the dishes clean as she feels so tired. Be kind and j Washing Dishes
The new semester will begin, our little pony would back to school, let's help her make a great new hairstyle, you can cut her hair, make it grown, choose your favorite color for her hair, add some beautiful accessories. Have fun! Little Pony Hair Salon
Your friends are coming over for a poker night at your place so you have to think at some snacks to make. They bring the drinks so the snacks are all yours. Start with some delicious cookies because with this recipe you can not fail. The goo Make Delicious Cookies
Welcome to wild west! The bandits have robbed the city and sheriff is now a prisoner. Your mission in this game is to release the sheriff locked in house. Try to find all the clues carefully hidden and resolve all the puzzles in order to hel Wild West Sheriff Escape
Rapunzel wants to sneak out and date with flynn. she has to get dressed and prepared before mother gothel finds out. could you help her finish all these tasks? if she gets caught by mother gothel, she won't be able to meet with flynn. so hur Rapunzel Date Slacking
Naughty Baby has difficulty finishing meal. Mom is so angry about it! Now we need to punish the baby to make her be good, and let the baby eat meal! Have fun! Spank Cute Baby Booty
This beautiful fairy and the handsome elf here are both lonely and looking for love. Why don't you help them fall in love with each other? In their magical lives a tiny love Cupid who can make these two lonely hearts beat toget Fairy Love Cupid
Poor baby is sick and needs you to help her recover. Can you please give her the right care she needs and make her feel good again?
Poor Baby Sick Today
This is Grace first performance as a cheerio for the Brazil football team 2014. Please choose the most beautiful cheerleader uniform for her! Brazil Cheerleader Dress up
Barbie loves sweets so today she will be cooking a glittery cupcake. All shiny items are Barbie's favorites so get ready to create the most glittery cupcake of them all. She is using gold decorations, flowers and tasty cream to make this del Barbie Glittery Cupcake
Beautify your Bratz doll with a stylish makeover in this facial spa game. Choose the hairstyle, accessories, outfit and makeup of your choice for your doll. Have fun! Bratz Facial Beauty
Go to school with Baby Hazel. Today we would play toys and games related to vehicles. Let's help Baby Hazel pack her school bag, take her to the school bus. Join the fun class with her friends. Eat some good food. Have a fun preschool day! Baby Hazel Learns Vehicles
The little kitty is very sick. Take it to a doctor for treatments and cure it. Once the cat is well, wash it and dress it up so that it looks smart. Have fun with this animal caring game! My Pet Doctor
In a magical land you come across a magnificent phoenix and its friends. In return for a wish, you will need to look after these creatures to help them stay healthy and clean. 
Phoenix Care
The baby is enjoying its bath in the tub. Let's decorate the tub and give different facial expressions to the baby. Have fun with this decor game! Baby Bathtub
It's been a long time since you last time met with your boyfriend. And, finally, you're coming back from your vacation. But it looks like your boyfriend let himself go. Help him to shave properly and get ready for the long-awaited meeting!
My Bearded Boyfriend
Barbie wants to go and have fun with her friends but her mom asks her to clean up the room before the guests arrive Barbie has to do it real quick and you have to help her in cleaning all the rooms in the house. Make sure you us Barbie Room Cleaner
Look at her! How can Angela bear her long messy hair? Get your scissor and give Angela a happy shaving! Have fun! Angela Shaving
Kimi is a very cute little kitten. She wants to grow up to be a beautiful and successful cat. Help her determine her future by playing all tasks and see her evolve! Vivo Kitty
Play Tom Cat Kissing on ,Tom and Angela are falling in love with each other.But Ben always comes to break their sweet date.So please help them kiss secretly!Have fun!
Tom Cat Kissing
Oh,my god! Look! Tom's fur grows so long! How long hasn't he shaves his fur? Keep looking like this, he will be dumped by Angela. Let's shave for him and make him handsome again!
Tom Cat Shaving
 Hurry up! Tom cat has received order from the commander. He must go quickly to the fire scene and put out the fire!His mission is to put out all the fire points on the way to pass the test. Go accomplish the mission and become a great firem Cat Become Fireman 2
Baby Snow White is going to have a great time in the backyard garden. A magical creature has created lots of toys and placed them in the garden for Baby Snow White to play with. After the play time she has to take a bath and get her hair don Baby Snow White Caring
Get ready to put your creativity to a major test brand-new shoe decoration game, ladies! We invite you to play the 'DIY Galaxy Shoes' game and learn how to make a cool pair of shoes on your own! First of all, make sure that you have the righ DIY Galaxy Shoes
Baby Emma want's to cook for her friends,she has a famous recipe from she's mother and she wants to try it.Have fun helping baby Emma prepare a delicious soup for her friends.
Baby Emma Soup Recipe
After a visit to the park where our cute baby emma played with her friends making sand castles and chasing each other she now have to wash her dirty clothes.You can give her some help by sort her clothes and help her use the washing machine. Baby Emma Washing Clothes
It's the first time when baby Emma will visit the doctor to check her nose.One of you girls will play the role of a famous doctor and check and fix Emma's nose problems.Enjoy playing dora games for girls Baby Emma Nose Doctor
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