Elsa Games

Here is another game in witch our ice princess becomes a very good housekeeper with a little help from you kids. Help Elsa clean the entire house by following the instructions given inside the game. Wash dishes, clean the dust , gather the t Elsa House Cleaning
Be Elsa's doctor and go through a complete check up. Take her temperature, listen to her heartbeat and try to find the proper treatment for this ice queen. Some nasal spray and a little bit of oxygen should do the trick, but watch out when s Elsa Flu Doctor
Elizabeth is the mother of Elsa. She has a daughter and a son. They are Elsa and Parker. Parker has a separate where Elisa doesn't. Elsa has been pestering her mom to provide her a separate room. After a long Elizabeth has built a new room f Frozen Elsa Room Decor
Elsa fell and was hurt badly, so now she needs your help. You are the best doctor in town, so now you have to take care of Elsa and heal her wounds using the tools provided. Can you prove you a good doctor and heal Elsa? Have fun with our El Heal Elsa
Welcome to Doctor Elsa emergency room.You are now on good hands and our patience for today is Anna that had a skating accident. Give her a full consultation and treatment and she will feel much better for sure. Enjoy Doctor Elsa-Emergency Room
Princess Elsa needs you as her trustworthy doctor to cure her - can you help her out, ladies? Step in getting the Elsa Skating Injuries game started and first of all, help cute Olaf remove Elsa's skates. Check out the injuries and then take Elsa Skating Injuries
Our beloved Elsa is now a doting mother and must bottle feed her own little princess so that she can grow up to be the next ruler of Arendelle. Help Elsa cheer her adorable baby girl by cuddling and feeding her with the milk bottle. Wrap the Elsa Frozen Baby Feeding
Elsa and her mom are visiting you hair salon as they have heard from their friends that yours is the best hair salon around. Prove them that what they heard is right by giving them the best hairstyles possible. Have fun! Elsa And Her Mom Hairstyle
Princess Elsa belongs to a royal family and her hairstyle must speak volume for it. Therefore work on her hair and give her a deserving hairdo in this hairdresser game. Have fun, girls! Elsa Royal Hairstyles
Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover is a facial beauty game. In this game, you can do a series of spa treatments to princess Elsa to give her a royal look. At then end, you can choose her hairstyle, accessories, outfit etc., that she looks great. Hav Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover
Princess Elsa needs the magic of your hands as she is at your spa salon for a refreshing massage session. Make her relaxed and refreshed at the end of the session. Have fun playing this spa massage game,girsl! Elsa Spa Massage
Princess Elsa has many kitties in her room and they make her room very dirty. She needs your help in cleaning up her room. Lend her your hands in cleaning the room. Have fun with this cleaning game! Princess Elsa Kitty Room Cleaning
Cute Elsa is back with a brand new hair styling challenge for you, ladies! She’s getting ready to try out the stylish feather braids to see if they fit her style, so why don’t you step in getting the ‘Frozen Elsa Feather Chain Braids’ Frozen Elsa Feather Chain Braids
Baby Elsa is a spoiled little princess with big dreams and magic in her hands. She loves to play in the castle and run through the ballrooms all day but she needs to be clean and perfectly dressed to do so. Help her get ready for a new day i Elsa Baby Bath Care
Poor Elsa Is in such a bad shape after falling down the stairs. She has some ugly wounds in her face and she needs a good surgeon to fix her. First clean and disinfect her wounds,apply the powder to heal the bruise and use the mask to anesth Elsa Real Surgery
Pimples are trouble of every young girl, including beautiful Elsa. In this game, you will cure Elsa's pimples step by step, and finaly you can help her recover her pretty face! Have fun!
Squeeze Elsa Pimples
Princess Elsa can finnaly stop controlling her magic power. Take off the glove, she can freely use her magic to create different kinds of stages. Let it go. Have fun! Snow Queen
Princess Elsa feels so tired after all the hard work! She needs a thorough massage to get all the exhaustion away! You have to make her feel so relax! Have fun! Elsa Massage
Help Elsa, the frozen queen to pick out a gorgeous outfit for the prom! Elsas Prom
Elsa is getting ready for a hot summer day at the beach. She needs to look her best so please help her be in the trend with the latest summer fashion. Choose from lots of bathing suits ,summer dresses, accessories and shoes and lots more . H Elsa Summer Fashion
Elsa caught a cold and she has been having some trouble with her nose, lately. Surely you have had the same problem once, so you'll know how to help Elsa,so put on some gloves and follow the doctor's orders in this fun doctor game for girls. Elsa Nose Doctor
 Let's make Elsa the snow queen as an everlasting beauty by spoiling her with various facial masks to make her face flawless and radiant. Proper makeup and right choice of outfits and accessories will make her all the more beautiful.
Frozen Elsa Everlasting Beauty
This date is going to be a very special one for Jack and Elsa: Jack wants to propose to the queen of his heart! Help him pick the most romantic place with a beautiful snowy landscape and find the best engagement ring for Elsa. And of course, Frozen Engagement
Elsa the ice queen has been affected by the low temperatures in the frozen land and in order to look beautiful again, she will need and expert like you to help her through the makeover process. You will have plenty of things to choose from a Elsa Frozen Real Makeover
The snow queen Elsa fell while ice skating and now she is in the hospital because she got a serious head injury. You will have to use all the medical tools at your disposal to help Elsa feel better. Follow the instructions and I`m sure that Elsa Head Injury
Baby Elsa loves to play around with face paint and today she needs help designing a beautiful butterfly. Pick the butterfly design and use the stencils to paint in the colors. Baby Elsa Butterfly Face Art
Elisa is a special girl with magical powers and today she is using her magic to create ice cream for her frozen friend. Choose from the ingredients and combine them to make ice cream! But her magic can go wrong... What ice cream will you cre Elisa Magic Ice Cream
Hello ladies! I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore Frozen, and anything related to it. This is precisely why we have decided to bring you another fabulous Frozen-inspired game. This fun game is called Elsa Frozen Haircuts, and it w Elsa Frozen Haircut
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