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Frozen Anna has a garden and she wants to bring up some fruits plants in a natural way. Because it can be a useful hobby and she can get fruits brought up in an organic way. So, join Anna as she is about to dig the ground and plant some seeds. She really needs your help in bringing up the plants and getting its fruits after all the hard works. Have a nice time managing the fruit garden of Anna! Frozen anna fruit garden
Frozen Anna Poultry Care is a new pet care game for girls to play online for free. Frozen Anna has a small poultry farm at the back of her house and there is a hen and a cock in her poultry. Anna takes time to play with the hen and feed it. She is very fond of her pet hen because it is a clever hen and very obedient to Anna. Now Anna wants to have more chickens from her hen and cock because she wants to make the poultry big. Can you help Anna in managing the hen and get eggs from it for hatching? Anna will be very grateful to you for your favor. All the best! Frozen Anna Poultry Care
Now it is important to teach our girl how to wear this jaw-dropping pair of patchwork overalls and especially how to accessories them, so jut go to the next page of the game and pick a new hairstyle, a chic top to match the main piece of the outfit, a pair of heels and some glittering jewelries for a complete new look. Have a blast, girls! Anna's Patchwork Overall
After a year courtship, Anna accepted Kristoff's proposal of marriage. Then they got married in the castle ,and at their wedding ceremony, Alsa was their witness. They’re very happy. But the happiest thing was that Anna was pregnant after they gets married three months. And now she will give birth to the baby. Kristoff very love Anna and the baby. He always accompanies her and look after her. But when Anna gives birth to the baby,he should?wait? Girls,can you help the Anna finish complete the delivery ? And Kristoff want to look after the baby ,but he doesn’t know how to feed the baby and make her happy. Let’s help him. And help the baby choose a cute swaddling clothes and pacifier. Come on ,have fun ! Anna And Kristoff Care Newborn Princess
The limp with which your patient entered the office indicates towards a cute Anna foot doctor game as she has sprained her ankle and is now in need of some medical attention. Anna Foot Doctor
Anna ate some dirty fruits and now she has a throat infection because she did not washed them. Her throat hurts and she need a good doctor to heal her and take care of her. Can you help her? Use the tools and medicine to eliminate the bacteria and germs. Enjoy!
Anna Throat Doctor
Bride Elsa and Bridesmaid Anna dress up Bride Elsa and Bridesmaid Anna
Face painting is fun for any occasion, whether it's a birthday party or painting a celebrity. Did I say celebrity.? Yes! Today you have a wonderful an opportunity to do the face painting for Frozen Anna. Are you ready? Anna Face Painting
As Easter is nearing, Princess Anna wants to give candies and decorated eggs to all those good kids in her kingdom. Unfortunately, the bunny, which has to carry the gifts and drop at the houses of kids, is in a worst condition. It got trapped somewhere and became messy. Princess Anna is going to clean up her bunny and give it a cute look. Join Anna in cleaning and washing her pet bunny and dress it up with some trendy accessories. Have fun this Easter with this bunny care game! Anna's Easter Bunny Care
Princess Anna Messy Cleaning is a frozen princess Anna themed game for girls. Princess Anna got frightened by marshmallow that she stumbled down and got completely messy. Clean up Anna by removing the leaves, sticks and germs and apply medicine to her wounds. Wash her clean and make her look gorgeous with a stylish makeover. Princess Anna Messy Cleaning
 Arrange the gift packages so that three or more of the same color form a straight line. Frozen Fever's Gift Columns
Frozen Anna is pregnant and she wants to carry her baby bump in style. In this spa makeover game, you can give Anna a fabulous makeover that she can look fantastic with her baby bump. Use spa creams and makeup for the makeover and choose a nice outfit for dressing her up. Play this girl game online and have fun, girls! 
Pregnant Anna Spa Makeover
Free online Babies Elsa and Anna puzzle. There is 12, 24, 48, 64 or 99 pieces to choose from. Babies Elsa And Anna
Join the bubbly princess Anna on her romantic vacation with Kristoff and help her prepare for a fun celebration at the pool. Use the best spa products to pamper her skin and hair, then redecorate the scene with delicious cocktails, ribbons and amazing fountains. Now that everything is ready, start the party with a toast and dance the night away. Anna Pool Celebration
It's time to meet Frozen Anna! She went to a party last night and she is not feeling well specially with her throat. She needs your help and she has come to our hospital for the best treatment. Are you ready to check Anna's throat? 
Frozen Anna Throat Care
Anna s house looks very messy. This is not a healthy environment for a pregnant lady. She needs to clean her room and because she is pregnant she needs someone to help her. Can you give her a hand? Gather the toys and the dirty laundry and use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Anna will be very pleased that she finished the job. Enjoy the game! Pregnant Anna Room Cleaning
The amazing Frozen princess Anna is sick. She has terrible head aches and she can't sleep properly. She needs immediate medical care for her condition and I am sure you can help her with your medical skills. The first step of the medical check up is to investigate her brain waves in the game called Anna's Brain Surgery! It seems she has a brain issue and she needs a healing surgery. She is feeling so much better after the surgery and you can cheer her up by applying her make up and choosing a cute dress. Enjoy the game called Anna's Brain Surgery! Anna's Brain Surgery
Elsa needs your help with a very important task. Her kingdom is in danger and the only thing that will eliminate the danger is a powerful magic spell. Help Elsa find all the objects she need for making the spell. Have fun!
Frozen Hidden Adventure
Anna has some disturbing skin problems that she wants to fix. She is very unhappy about her look and she needs your help. Follow the instructions and use the tools to make her face beautiful and flawless. Have fun! Anna Skin Care
Have a great time playing this fun Frozen Make Up game! Frozen Anna's Makeup
Anna Frozen has a great date with the love of her life, Kristoff. They will go to a fancy restaurant and eat delicious food, while enjoying a great time together. Anna was getting ready for the event, but her sister Elsa had other plans.
Anna's Frozen Date
Ply Frozen Anna Mommy To Be Game at, you will find much fun!! Frozen Anna Mommy To Be
Anna and Kristoff are so in love that they can't stop kissing each other. But it would be embarrased if they are caught by others. Help them kiss without being noticed by anyone. Have fun! Frozen Anna Kissing
Beautiful Anna Frozen is turning sixteen and she wants to celebrate with an awesome party. This is a very exciting occasion and cute Anna has planned a bit party, with all her friends and family. All she needs to do now, is to pick a gorgeous outfit for the event. She has two great options, either to create a traditional, then outfit, or a modern, now, outfit. Her wardrobe is filled with great fashion items, so she needs to start mix and matching them. In the new game called Now And Then Anna Sweet Now And Then Anna Sweet Sixteen
Anna is a beautiful girl, she has long hair, she likes to dress up beautifully. Because she is a princess, she has a lot of cosmetics, clothes and shoes, and there are a lot of beautiful decorations, girls are like. Are you willing to give her advice? 
Frozen Anna Haircuts
The wedding day has gone, but Anna wants to looks stunningly every day! She asked her sister, queen Elsa, where did she made her salon look. And, ofcourse, Elsa adviced her your amazing salon! It's time to show all you can! Anna Frozen Makeup School
Princess Anna is organizing a party for Christmas to express her joy and happiness. It is going to be a great gathering. Anna places her hope on you that you may give her a stunning party makeover. Anna Christmas Party Makeover
Girls! You must be happy and excited about Christmas as there are only a few days until it's Christmas! Anna also needs your help with a spa facial for Christmas. Can you help her?
Princess Anna Christmas Makeover
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